Arkansas Named

Top sleeper class by 247. … 126637819/

totally agree! SECN guys said they have never seen a guy bring in a top 20 class with 2 wins,Chizik said he didn’t know how he did it…key is to be this good or even better every year…can’t wait to see how this changes us.

If we can put together a 6-7 win season next year, I predict we get a consensus top 15 class, or right at it.

I think six wins is very attainable we should win all our non-conference game and Ole Miss and MSU will not be that great Auburn may not be without a quarterback.

I think OL will be improved,just the upgrades at tackle will be noticed heavily, I’m sure.

We have to get a grad transfer qb though, if storey is starting, we won’t win more than 4. Need to improve at the QB position drastically.

Don’t give up on Noland, Jones or Storey.
KJ could also surprise. Given time in the pocket to run the Offense is the only true way to elvaluate the position.
Winning 5 to 7 games would be my guess.
Line play on both sides of the ball will be key.

Connor has everything you look for in a QB he justs needs protection and if we go uptempo next yr and use all our weapons at TE and WR we can be a load to stop…

Kentucky loses a lot on defense and Benny Snell is also out the door. Not saying we win of course, but I expect to be competitive. Also expect to be competitive when Mizzou comes to Little Rock.

Can’t stand Mizzery!!! Starting to remind me of Auburn with all of their transfer QB’s!!!

Speaking of transfer QBs, I bet we get one either in January or May

Not just a top sleeper class per stars & ratings, but a class that addressed drastic needs on both sides of the ball. I know verdict still out on some important secondary guys but feeling confident there to.

We needed serious help & talent all over the place that there wasn’t evough recruits out there if we could’ve signed more than 30. But what this stafff did, instead of trying for 1 or 2 guys at every position of need across the board. They just loaded up as much as possible at important areas. Which in turn those loaded areas will ultimately make some other areas better by default.

I like the fact that CCM (a former OC) leaves no stone unturned & did not hesitate to help out his DC ASAP. Most probably said to Chavis you find m I’ll sign m.

I have believed that Nolan was the QB of the future prior to season and have not changed my mind. Hard to have any success when your getting less than 5 count on every snap

Most of the time the defense was tacking out RB’s in the backfield. Our QB might have had a 3 count if they were lucky enough to run away from the oncoming blitz.

Hopefully soon we can do the same from a defensive standpoint with the talent & speed of the new recruits.

Duke QBs are coached to have the ball out in 2.6 seconds and it is pretty much standard that 3 to 3.5 is the maximum amount of time a QB should have, so a lot of sacks and pressures are because of poor QB play or coaching.

Our QB play was not good, but it sure didn’t help that the receivers couldn’t get separation. If they aren’t open, you’re throwing it away — or forcing it into coverage, which is worse.

While I agree with you that if your wideouts don’t get separation, you have to throw it away or force it into coverage, I saw several times our backs, receivers, and TE’s had a step and the QB threw it behind them.

It’s the same issue Brandon Allen had his first year. WR’s, TE’s, and backs didn’t help him, they short armed some passes. Finally they got HH, Morgan, and a few others that would fight for the ball, even if it was a bad pass. We had one this year, Mike Woods. The others wouldn’t try to make the catch to avoid contact. I think, like with Hunter and Drew, next year, you will have receivers who will make a catch in traffic. Our QB’s will look better, but not necessarily be better. And yes, BA wasn’t better his second year, the receiving corps made him look better. Now, his third year, he was quite a bit better, but so were the skill positions.

2.5 to 3 secs to get the ball out & on target requires correct reads & timing from the QB & WR’s & TE’s where applicable. QB Progressions are minimum.
QB’s with quicker release throwing motions with zip are ideal.

Agreed. That’s part of the not-good QB play. If the receivers aren’t open, it doesn’t work; if they’re open and the QBs miss them, it doesn’t work.