Arkansas-Mizzou game thread

Kickoff at 1:30.

How many kids are out?

Will have actual count soon.

Montaric is warming up.

Lindsey needs to calm down a little.

I think if he would have ran, he would have got the first down

Boyd does not get enough carries

Way to show up Little Rock. I don’t want to hear any complaining from anyone south of Little Rock complaining about games not being closer that they can go to. Here’s a closer game and you don’t show up.

Looks like a lot more people than the last Fayetteville home game

HAHA! Maybe true.

Can’t believe he caught that

5th starting qb for the sec an sec record, but same results so far.

Nice stop

Not a mention about the Hog players out sick…

On TV? Or on here?

TV dudes

Not surprising

Keep up the intensity!

Great stop! WPS

Can we just hand the ball to Boyd every time?

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Amen! WPS