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— Missed opportunities/points left on field
— CBs uncharacteristically burned (in my mind, they’ve been the least of the problems on defense most of the year)
— Key penalties and this being Bielema’s most penalized team at Arkansas
— Interesting late-game playcalling trends
— Big-picture thoughts. Caps a season that could end up with the same amount of wins as last year but with a totally different feeling

Horrible performance by the team. Poor coaching and motivation displayed to the players. There’s no way to accept this.
4th and 7 punter in the end zone and give up a first down on the fake that was essentially the game. The hogs never had any true momentum after that play. Sure we had a few big plays but we could not score. I thought we had poor clock management to end the 2d quarter which is a norm for this team whether it’s on offense not using the clock or on defense giving up scores on the typical Rob Smith prevent defense that gives up late TD’s like in the A&M game. The only game this year our Hogs looked good on both sides of the ball was in the Florida game. Our defense is as predictable as our offense was in the Chaney era as OC. If your going to win you must play from the opening kick off until the whistle blows and the clock is at zero. Last year it was a the beginning of the year that was filled with disappointment this year it’s the tale end. What’s up for next year!

Probably a great start and a fantastic finish. And 0-5 in between.