Arkansas-Missouri live updates blog

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2 fouls on whitt already!!! just exactly what we needed…

We have not recorded a shot yet.

Jones TWO errant passes that MO intercepted in just first 3 minutes … Jones not in sink thus far. We are not talking to each other to let each other know what the other is thinking. Not good so far. Yes, I am concerned. We are NOT aggressive I’m afraid.

Have had defensive rebound positioning 3 times but their taller guys are simply outjumping us! So, what’s new? :frowning:

We have fouled enough now for Missouri to be shooting free throws in the bonus with 13:43 remaining in the first half. Sorry offense and just out of sink.

Totally out of sync…

Keystone Kops .

It’s bad when you get a shot clock violation and then on a fast break you pass late and the man out front ends up stepping out of bounds! Just ugly.

TO’s and FT’s are killing us.

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Just horrible. Playing DOWN to Missouri’s level, even tho MO has some brand new players in the game due to many injuries. We are playing horrible BB, hate to say, but so true. We are allowing them to steal the ball from us, we do not rebound at all, we miss our shots, just TOO many things we are not doing and it’s against a subpar MO SEC team. Down 28-19…
I have seen enough. Turning off the TV and radio… Sickening play and we should be ahead by 10-15, MO playing some guys who have only been in 3-4 games ALL year or who average 1-2 minutes a game. Our “experience” is NOT evident.

My goodness, Mizzou isn’t even running an offense. Just running up the middle to draw fouls.

Experience isn’t the issue, depth is and Mizzou is exploiting the fact that we don’t have any.

This has the makings of a foul and free throw shooting contest. We don’t win those. Hopefully Jones can get it going in the 2nd half … pretty ugly so far for sure.

Well will we get to 50 today??

Are you kidding me!! Right down the middle for a slam dunk…

Team is tired straight up SEC grind and 6 players taking a toll

Only down by 6 surely we cannot play any worse… Mason needs to settle down and get his attitude straight.

it is encouraging that we’re playing about as bad as we can but are only 6 points down at half. Just a wee bit of improvement and we could win the game.