Arkansas-Missouri game thread


Did anyone really expect anything different?

We are going to lose in dishonorable, shameful fashion. End of thread.

At least it took more than 1 play for them to score & we did make them convert a third down.

Here is a suggestion

Don’t run behind Deon Stewart

I hope we have 5 new starters on ol next year

Oh boy

Johnny Gibson…oof

Anybody…how are we going to fix the offensive line? We don’t seem to have any stellar recruits.

Get down on both knees and pray that we sign both JC OL visiting on dec 7 and Adcock and Capps have a miraculous off season they become all SEC players

Dang it, bad penalty again

Dang it, bad penalty again

Dang it. Horrible QB again. Please sit Ty. I’d rather have Devion Warren at QB.

I’m praying. :pray::pray::pray:

Some people say our problem is not QB, no our problem starts at QB and goes downhill from there!

Coach Morris and Craddock have no offensive play design worth a poop. Awful spacing and movement, wrong place and really, really not what their reputation was when hired. The SEC is overmatching their thought. Cannot believe where our kids end up and how likely to fail almost all plays that are called. It is not just lack of talent, it is coaching design. Crap TN has passed us and they still don’t have a true OT, just 4 guards playing out of place. Kids are not buying in because of so many reasons and offensive design is paramount. Receiver routes are pathetic and are called, it is not just execution. I am more disappointed in this staff than anyone.

Our safety play is terrible.

Why not play Noland

Agree couldn’t get much worse!

Play anyone else. This is absurd.