Arkansas- Mississippi State game thread

Not yet, but our offense needs to do something here.

Perfect defensive position

Doesn’t matter

It’s surreal at this point. There are forces in play we cannot even understand.

If Hicks is able to help get us 2 first downs it will be a miracle. 14 -0 in the first quarter at home! If the hogs don’t score here you might as well forget it!

I was cautiously optimistic coming into this game.

Didn’t take long for that to get crushed

Never seen a defense so pathetic they are so weak physically it’s embarrassing the worst tackling football team I can never remember. Just an absolute joke. Absolutely no way you can keep Chavis. I would get rid of him after today. We have to get new blood in the system. And the quarterback play on offense is beyond ridiculous.

well I watched the Breeders Cup lead in to Omaha Beach getting beat, so I come here and MsSt is apparently having their way with us. I gave up on Morris when he handed deep to Whaley on 4th and 1 inside the 5 vs San Jose State.
The team is performing to the level of their coach, not their competition.

If you have the Athletic, then look at the accomplishments of the Leach tree of coaching. Very surprisingly good, because Leach can apparently put people together as a staff that work together. No one we made captain or had vaunted reviews by our limited media has stepped up and beyond when needed. See Scoota, see Agim and any QB from the portal. No Kelly Bryant, no Buechele which is now being matched by recruiting all our 3 stars from East Texas. Bad news is that they are better than what is left on the Hill. Thanks BB, guess that is karma for us.

We need Saint Anthony (Antony) to be a saint of miracles for Razorback football or make CM and crew go observe Coach Neighbors or Coach Hale.

Boyd cannot escape last chance u…

Hmm down 14 already… not really surprising… more surprising was that I find it normal to expected. No excitement nor anger left in me. Just watching now because of the Razorback on the uniform. Passion is dead. Sorta like watching the news.


Their weakness is pass defense. Run the ball fir 2 yards on 1st and 2 nd down. 3rd and long.

Hicks 0 for 3. Good game plan craddock

I’d get rid of the man that hired him today

Was wondering the same thing.

I just don’t get it. Why do we concede yards?

Team looks like they’re waiting for the season to end.

Wait a minute. Be careful. We aren’t allowed on here to say our team is quitting. Had to retract that earlier this week. Frankly, as bad as this offense is, I don’t blame the defense. Seriously.

I think today is going to be the final nail and Morris is gone.

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Don’t act like that.

Honestly, I’m not sure who on this staff I’d keep… of course now we’ll be starting over all over again.

Get Hicks and his inaccurate rear end off the field!

I have to admit I am moving to the dark side.

This is unacceptable

John Chavis was hired when the rally cry was “Best is the Standard.”

Lol. He hasn’t been good in nearly a decade