Arkansas- Mississippi State game thread

Kickoff at 3.

Running qb. Gouging us. already. Great start chavis.

6 plays. 82 yards. Td MSU

Well that don’t take long! From 2d and 14 to a first down and right down the field with little resistance! So much for a fast start!
Let’s see if the hogs can put a drive together?

Nice seeing our defensive players either whiffing or just running by the ball carrier.

735 day’s and counting without a win over a power 5 program.

Never seen a team so capable of quickly extinguishing any feeling of hope

Why aren’t our players coached to push the pile forward when the ball carrier gets stood up rather than just stand there watching?

Who says their not?

At this point we are collectively crushed mentally, it appears

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Early, and looks under prepared / under coached already

1st third down…requires a timeout

It would be one thing if we looked well coached while we’re losing.

A quick 22 yard run for a first down them another run By Boyd where everyone in the the stadium knew where the ball was going and then Hicks tries to throw an interception the only problem was Miss St defender can’t catch the ball either. 3rd and 7 and Hicks calls time out! Poor inaccurate pass on the last play and you need him to get you a first down with his arm. Could be a long day!

Almost a fumble on kickoff. The timeout because not enough people on line. This is what week, 7 or 8 and we can’t line up right. These guys are not coached right if at all.

I honestly don’t think that we even practice.

Hicks 0 for 2. 1 almost interception. Great start

Love the ridiculous conspiracy theories.

You could tell me they didn’t, and I would 100% believe it.

One of my biggest complaint for years with our defense is why we concede yards to the offensive player all the time. I don’t get it.

Rout in progress?