Arkansas might

host a visitor this weekend. Nothing concrete.


Basketball or Football?

Football. Sorry.

A QB from UT maybe?

Grad transfer QB?

Sure hope a grad trans QB :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

At this time, I’m doubting they bring someone in. We’ll see.

After watching those Clemson TEs and WRs last night, I’m less concerned about out QB situation than I was. We have a top WR and TE recruiting class coming in and that should bring about better QB play whoever gets the job. Sure, we HAVE to get better OL play too, but I believe that will happen with the 2 JUCO recruits. Our 3 top rated recruits are a TE and 2 WRs. If those Clemson WRs can make a great Freshman QB look “otherworldly”, then our really good WRs should be able to make a mediocre QB look good.

Develop, develop, develop QBs rather than get a transfer QB for one year (unless he’s a Jalen Hurts).

Mediocre qb?

I haven’t seen one yet on this team. Our starter last year was just bad.

Trevor Lawrence is otherworldly, he’s the best freshman qb I’ve ever seen, and I have no doubt he will be the best college qb I’ve ever watched when it’s all said and done. Absolute phenom.

I agree about our starter. All we got to see last year was a game or 2 of Noland running less than 30% of CCM’s offense and even much less of JSJ. I figure if one of those 2 can’t beat out Ty, and Jefferson can’t either, then next year could be CCM’s last year with just 3 or 4 wins. I’m assuming our new QB will be at least mediocre with a better line and MUCH better receivers. And hopefully, running a lot more than 30% of CCM system. I sure don’t want a one year mediocre QB (SMU QB) coming in and maybe getting to 4 or 5 wins.

Yeah we don’t know anything for sure about Noland right now.

The JSJ thing I’m not sure how people are holding on to that personally, he won’t ever be a starter here. Like I’ve said, glad to have him ya important to keep that relationship…but his offer was strictly that, he’s not going to ever pass Noland and now KJ.

KJ could see some playing time this year, who knows, depends on his development.

But I disagree about the SMU qb, I’d take him. He’s an immediate upgrade and can run the system, seeing he is experienced in it. At the least he would add much needed competition, but in all likelihood would be the starter. He’s not a world beater, but he’s better than what we have as of right now. Still would prefer someone like Buechele.

Even if Chad won 3 or 4 he wouldn’t be fired. We need stability, he’s getting his deserved time. He needs to be able to get a roster full of his players and not Bielemas mistakes.

Just takes some time

“We’re close”

You may be right. I just can’t bring myself to believe that the “Powers that be” and our AD would keep a coach that went 0-16 in the SEC.

CCM just needs time. The team won’t right itself after 1 recruiting class. He’s off to a great start but is gonna have to follow this class up with some other good classes.

Reminds me of a great Gary Shandling line: “I like that close feeling with a woman. Y’know, when she says ‘I was close’ … then I know she’s had a good time.”

With some decent OLine play the hogs should win at least 2 SEC games next season. The defense will be better and our DLine should be able to bring pressure.
The recruiting is a non stop part of the college game in all sports. The roster makeup won’t really change a lot until this class coming in next season are JR’s in my opinion and that’s dependent upon 2 more good quality classes behind this one.
No matter what the record ends up next season all of the negative posters will bash our coaches. If the fan base and the powers on the hill don’t throw out these first 2 years and start focusing on the 2020 season there not being realistic in their evaluation.
Patience is the only hope we have for our hogs to improve. There is one good thing about being in the cellar and that’s simple there’s no where to go but up!
Keep your heads up and smile the sky isn’t falling.