Arkansas might be playing better than Auburn right now

If the Razorbacks are missing starters it might change my thinking, but I like Arkansas to keep the game close Saturday based on what I’ve seen through two games. Remember Auburn has won the past four games in this series by 53, 32, 31 and 41 points.

Auburn did not look good Saturday vs. Georgia and capitalized on a couple of late fumbles in Kentucky territory to pull away in the season opener.

The Tigers’ offense has been a mess. Granted Georgia is elite and Kentucky is usually pretty good on defense, but Auburn is averaging 270 yards per game. The run game has basically been nonexistent, averaging 65 yards per game and 2.5 yards per attempt. Auburn is playing four new offensive linemen this year.

Arkansas’ defense hasn’t faced a team that will challenge it laterally like Auburn will. Can the Razorbacks contain the likes of Anthony Schwartz and Eli Stove and Shaun Shivers on the edge? Those runs and quick passes to the outside have been killer in this series the past few years.

Defensively, Auburn still looks pretty good — although it lost three players to the first two rounds of the draft this year — and will probably hold Arkansas in check if the first two games are an indication. Georgia had success on offense Saturday (240 yards passing, 202 yards rushing), but I’m not sure Arkansas will be able to hold off the defensive front as well.

Anders Carlson is back as the Tigers’ kicker. He has a big leg and made a 45-yarder at Georgia.

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If we have a chance it is probably because Chad Morris is the offensive coordinator.

It is pretty funny. Mike Leach has his entire offense drawn on a small piece of toilet paper. Chad Morris can’t get his offense installed. Elon Musk said Morris’s offense was too complicated for his engineers to learn.

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Good take on it Matt

Matt, I hope you’re right. I love the Hogs when they win, and I love them when they lose. That being said, when I looked at our schedule a few weeks ago, I considered five games basically unwinnable due to the huge talent gap we still face along with our lack of depth. Those games: Bama, LSU, Georgia, Florida and Auburn.)
This is a “must win” game for Gus. Coming off the Georgia loss, he’ll have them ready, I’m afraid. If we don’t get our best guys back and completely healthy (Boyd, Burks, Brown and Coates) this could be a long afternoon.
Go Hogs…

Concerned that Chad & Gus will have Auburn players highly motivated for this game. No doubt Auburn fans are restless after their last 2 games & GA blow-out win.

Gus, & especially Chad, would be in an extremely hot seat if they were to lose to Arkansas or Hogs keep it close. On the other hand, would like to see Chad at least keep his $1M/yr job so as to continue reducing Razorback foundation buyout of his contract.

I think our guys are going to be incredibly motivated coming off the win and getting a chance to stick it to Morris.I agree that we have a legitimate shot at beating them their defensive line is nowhere near what we saw the last couple years…the weather is supposed to be horrible and whoever can handle that will probably be the one who wins the game. they have Great speed at wr, if we can keep them from hitting the long ball I believe it will be okay

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