Arkansas-Michigan series off?

We are likely to find that out on Thursday if reports out of the Big 10 are correct.

If the reports are accurate, It seems Michigan and Notre Dame are renewing their series in 2018 and Muchigan is going to buy out Arkansas

Seems like we always play teams during their most successful times. Like USC when Pete Carroll was there. I figured we would get Michigan when Harbaugh had them rolling.

Now would be a good time to replace Michigan with Baylor, they certainly don’t look like they’ll be on an upswing at that time.

I would love to replace them with Mobilehoma but I expect CBB to want to keep a presence (a game) in the Big 10 for recruiting purposes.

Losing Michigan doesn’t bother me at all.

Phooey! I was looking forward to going. My grandfather Shartel attended Michigan and I have some old snapshots of the Big House when it was under construction.

Sounds like we are going to make money by not playing them. That is not all bad.

Let’s wait and see who the replacement is before we count our money.

a Power-Five opponent, and almost all are quite beatable.

Just my “unbiased” opinion! :wink:

It does bother me. That’s a marquee opponent, and someone we’ve only played once in our history. It also sets up to be a very strong opponent as Harbaugh is getting them back on stride.

I’m NOT one of those guys who thinks we need to play 12 Top 20 teams. I’m FULLY aware of the rigors of a typical SEC season, and that we don’t really need any big time, high powered out of conference games to get us in the four-team playoff IF we take care of business in the SEC West. That said, it IS fun to occasionally play one of the “big boys”, especially a team we don’t often play. Michigan, Texas, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Florida State, Nebraska, OU, Clemson, Oregon . . . any of those are fun, exciting games for fans. I was really looking forward to the Michigan series. Those types of games are good for college football.

You FULLY covered the reason that I will not miss it or think we need to risk an early season loss by scheduling that class of opponent in the pre-conference season. A bowl game, if it were to come to that, I would certainly be excited about the possibility. A TCU, Baylor, even the shorthorns I would welcome in preseason but not the likes of UM or The OSU just to appease BB’s need to schedule one of his old foes.

Wizard, you’ve FULLY identified the reason we shouldn’t, IMO, risk losing to a very strong program like Mich early in the season. We would likely not get through the conference season undefeated even if we were to win the West and the SECCG.

Not sure a team with two losses, even from the SEC, would get into the playoffs now-a-days.

I would welcome a game against Michigan in the post season. We owe them one.

I have to agree with Wiz on this. This is a loss. Could we find someone as good to replace? Probably not this close to 2018, but we’ll see. NC games are dwindling as Power 5 leagues move to 9 conference games. And I can’t say I entirely blame Meechigan for not wanting to play ND, us and 9 Big Ten games.

And I very much wanted to check the Big House off my bucket list.

A one-loss SEC team without a marquee Non-Con game might not get you in either. Replacing with a cupcake doesn’t boost your schedule when the likes of everyone else are playing as many as two more Power 5 opponents.

I’m to the point that I don’t think we should be afraid of playing anyone in the Non-Con schedule. Bama, Florida, and LSU have done it for years and it doesn’t seem to hurt their National Championship possibilities.

I don’t think we need to be afraid of playing anyone anywhere. If we can win at LSU and Ole Miss and compete at Tuscaloosa without our best team, what’s the Big House? Their fans sit on their hands anyway.

Again, you’re preaching to the choir about not needing to play a tough out of conference schedule, given the SEC schedule we play. Indeed, well before any of these national SOS guys made any comments about our tough schedule, I stated here that year in and year out, no one plays a tougher schedule than Arkansas does. And that was 15 years ago! So, I get that.

But, as the saying goes, man does not live by bread alone. Somewhere along the way, it’s good to “spice” up the schedule with the occasional Texas, USC, TCU, Michigan, etc. Those are the type of games fans really relish - the provide unique opportunities (visiting the “Big House”), possible “bragging rights”, etc. If you’ll notice, Alabama plays in these types of inter-sectional games. So does Texas, Notre Dame, OU, etc. Not every year - but sometimes - it’s just fun to have a marquee game.

Plus, there’s this. The ONLY time losing a non-conference game like that really matters is if you’re truly in contention for the National Championship. Even then, if it’s your only loss, it can be a benefit (your not going to have more than one loss and be in contention for the Top 4 teams). We may be in that position some day - we certainly hope so - but we haven’t been in a long time, so the benefits of playing such a game much outweigh the potential downside of participating in it.

Obviously the team advocating the “can’t afford an early season loss” is Michigan…

Excellent options. I would also throw in a weak Wake Forest team from the ACC (next door to Raleigh, NC)

Maryland (Washington DC/Baltimore area 9 Million + in a talent rich area)