Arkansas makes cut for 5-star Nimari Burnett … ing-guard/

Kids like this are the ones who are a legit difference maker. Just like football, these are the kids and talent we must sign to get into national contention.

Easy there, don’t get the wolves out for pointing to the obvious.

We have coaches offering 5–star players. I love it. This type recruiting will pay off.

Nimari said he’s still trying to figure out a visit to Arkansas.

I’ve always thought we’d get Jaylin Williams, and I think there is a strong possibility for KK Robinson. I’ve thought we had a decent shot at Thompson, do you think it possible to get Thompson and Burnett?

I had thought Kyree Walker was going to be the launching pad for Muss to start signing out of state 5 stars. Since it appears Kyree may skip college, could Nimari be the guy that gets it going for us?

Longshot but we’ll see.

It’s going to be really interesting to see if anyone is able to land five-stars once the NBA drops its age to 18, which is expected in the next CBA. All of them THINK they’re ready for the Show immediately, and maybe they are. But the NBA is not going to draft 32 high school kids a year. Maybe the ones who aren’t quite there yet will look at Europe or China or even the G-League, like Kyree is doing.

its good to see things like this but until we start getting them I refuse to get hyped up b/c we never get them.

This young man is definitely a long shot it would seem to me. He is from Chicago and has had a close relationship with Juwan Howard since childhood. Would say Michigan has the best shot.