Arkansas @ LSU

No movement without the ball. Too much dribbling. We look shockingly slow and uninspired.

Shoot the ball Jaylin!!

Believe what you want, but you’re wrong.

Cut it in half before halftime.

About the 5th easy basket ruined becasue we can’t make a pass

Wow. What happened to our offense and defense?

Very lethargic on D and rebounding.

We should still be losing, but only by 10-12 if we can make simple passes.

I know we are killing ourselves, but the officiating is not equal
We might only be down 15 or so with even officiating

Live by the 3 die by the 3

I love your positivity, General. There is a lot of time left, but we are embarrassing ourselves right now. Playing scared. Who is the alpha on our team?

If you play D with your hands instead of your feet on game night there’s a good chance you practice that way, we are better than what we’ve shown tonight. WPS

Good lord, do any of you actually watch our games?

I don’t disagree, it’s night and day from Saturday to now.

Yeah I watch every freaking game

Then you should know your last comment is false.

How many times can a team/program show up like this and not be ready to play before the fan base just calls it like it is. For the 24th year in a row we aren’t good. This is what this program is. Stop expecting it to all of the sudden be better. No sweet 16 since 1996 and no way it happens this year. I can’t remember the last time this program was ranked multiple weeks in a row.

Game actually started good, with two offensive rebounds and stick backs, then we just collapsed. Supposedly LSU gets killed by offensive rebounds, but of corse not tonight

No it’s not false we are a 3pt shooting team

Actually your wrong. But it doesn’t really matter fact is they are getting easily trashed. So somehow that makes you right I guess.