Arkansas @ LSU

Well it’s time to get a road win! I just hope our Hogs can beat the Corrupt Will Wade and the LSU tigers.

So far we are DOA

Hogs haven’t showed up so far, not ready to play it seems ! WPS

Absolutely no defense whatsoever! Driving by us like we are standing still and brick city on off, better change or we are about to get completely embarrassed

What are we doing? It’s like we’ve never seen a press before. Pass over it and attack the basket! Good lord.

Goal at this point is to get it to single digits before halftime.

We’ve had easy shots that we haven’t taken and missed a bunch of wide open shots. We had 3 wide open drives to Vanover that the passer screwed up the pass.

I’m finding myself not liking this team. Shoot way too many 3s. Muss is getting badly outcoached.

They ask why is Arkansas not getting to the rim plain and simple we only have one or two guys that can actually do that

Vanover is pretty bad.

And as always seems the case, every shot LSU throws up and hits the rim, somehow bounces in, even 3 pointers

HE’s not getting outcoached, we just aren’t making shots.

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They are checked out. I just don’t get it. Struggle against avg or better. Not a good sign.

We haven’t stopped the dribble drive all night it’s embarrassing

Our offense looks like it is playing in slow motion against this not very good zone press. It’s like no player knows where he’s supposed to be to break the press.

We are content to shoot the three ball and play Ole’ defense, I just don’t believe what I’m seeing! WPS

How many fouls are LSU going to get away with?

The player just pushed off and no call.

Yeah that was ridiculous
Fully extended his arm and shoved off
No call

My goodness, every time I see a player dribble right under the basket, I want to force them to do 100 pushups.

Not ready to play, zero focus. That is coaching. They brick way to much.

Where’s the bench FOUL!!!

That LSU player was waving a towel in Moody’s face when he got the ball.