Arkansas-LSU game thread

kickoff at 6.

Didn’t take long. Rush 3 and keep 8 back. Not going to get to their qb.

Great to see KJ start ! WPS

Have no idea what KJ was thinking. He could’ve easily got 4-5 more yards

Makes me think his shoulder is still hurting.

Defense holds something we haven’t heard enough in a few years ! WPS

Holy cow, a three-and-out!

Well, at least a good 3 & out. Now we get good field position.

None of us expect a win, but I would like to keep the margin down to a level where everyone says, “well, the hogs showed some intensity & showed they’re not as bad as we thought.”

Could be…used to see in him turn it up and run hard.

Coaches might have encouraged him to take the sidelines rather than get hit

Seriously slow developing plays,

Great catch by Burks

We are fighting. WPS

Two defensive stops!

A very respectable 1st quarter.

That 44 point spread is looking a little shaky now.

An ok start to the game. Need to find some consistent offense.

I have to call this better than ok so far. WPS

Overall, it is a great start, the last 4 games, we were down 3 scores at this point

need to get the plays called quicker…