Arkansas-LSU game thread

I’m sorry, but that was absolutely pathetic effort by the defense.

Bad teams with players making dumb plays get beat. Arkansas is all of that. Dumb in all 3 phases. Get beat in all three phases.

Aren’t we coming off of a bye week?
WTH, same stupid false start penalties, 3 and outs for the offense and now another stupid personal foul on the defense when we had them stopped and targeting.
This is the same script that we have played over and over again for most of the season.
I couldn’t believe someone actually posted “We got this”. WTH has that guy been watching all season to think we have a team that could matchup with the LSU Tigers for 4 Quarters.
This one is already over and about to get ugly!

Go Hogs!

Yeahp. The average fan can’t understand or see that.

It’s not a lack of try, it’s a lack of execution by a far inferior team and qb. Plain and simple.

If your qb can’t execute it and you know it, from weeks of evidence, you probably won’t go to it that often. When we doC he gets sacked.

average fan LOL

Wow! Just Wow!!!

Don’t blame the defense. They have been on the field the entire 1st half because this is the best game plan the offense can put together after having 2 weeks to get ready.
Poor planning on their part. If your playing play to have a chance. Poor offense all the way around period

Well there’s the deep throw and the result which shows exactly why we don’t do it.

Always a highlight when your RB tackles your WR. :roll:

You said downfield. I took that to mean beyond the line of scrimmage.

If you had said they had taken no deep shots, I would have agreed because the only one they tried to take the one that Storey get sacked.

he made the wrong read had a guy coming over the middle wide open.

Need a little more creativity with the run game for sure

That was the best hit of the night for the Hogs, Boyd tackling Jordan Jones.
Could’ve been targeting if the officials didn’t feel sorry for us and probably laughing their tails off at how slick our offense has looked after a bye week to prepare and throw in some wrinkles for LSU.
I have to say that’s one way to avoid LSU defenders, just tackle ourselves!

With just about 2 minutes to play in the first half our offense has 3 less yards gained than the current temperature in Fayetteville.

Go Hogs!

Dudley I meant north and south and not to the sidelines.

Billy was used to be a coach.

I love him to death, but he does believe he is the smartest man in the room at times - as seemingly we all do.

The average fan - lol - is an example of that.

Great job defense!!!

By that, do you mean more creative ways in this game to get run out of the stadium? We are already pretty good at that conventionally.

So did I.

The three were to directed toward


i was laughing at the guy acting like I was a casual fan who watched footrball every now and then and not coaching it forever I was watching gamefilm while he was sleeping.

Why did O’Grady just stand there?