Arkansas-LSU at 6 p.m. on ESPN … ansas-lsu/

I wonder if Tess and Todd will roll their eyes when they find out. Not that they have anything against the Hogs - but this will be their 5th Arkansas game of the season (including the TCU game).

It will be their sixth game.

Makes their preparation a lot easier, I would think. Have they done any LSU games?

They did the LSU-Ole Miss game.

Surprised CBS picked SCarolina-Florida over the Hogs. Unless their eyeballing the Ark-Miss St. game the following week. That looks to be a weak slate overall for the SEC. Florida-LSU reschedule is the 19th but that would make three straight on CBS for Florida.

Is that 6pm central time or 6 pm eastern time? I like it since it will be a night game and not interfere with my deer hunting. Maybe I will have me a big 10 point Kentucky buck by then and cleaned and in my ice chest. Speaking of Kentucky, where is the poster Bluegrass been, I guess he is using a new name on the new message board.

This site is on Central time, so that is Central time. :slight_smile:

I think he is posting as Boarbarian.