Arkansas loses commitment


Probably won’t be the last, momentum has definitely stalled in recruiting.

Recruiting ( hope for the future) is all Chad has at this point. Let decommits pile up and HY has a much easier decision.

We may want to re-think bringing recruits in on home game days. We have 2 “open” dates this year. Maybe bring them in those 2 week-ends

So… just curious, who was the coach you didn’t want fired?

is that coopers recruit?

He and Smith recruited him.

Well Jamie Vance must had some sense of premotion of the San Jose lost, because he schedule and was on an Official Visit to Tulane this past weekend.

Definition of premotion

: movement or excitation to action beforehand specifically : the inspiration or determination (as by divine power) of an action beforehand

I think some fans de-committed after this weekend also…

I don’t think some of them were ever committed to begin with

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