Arkansas' lineup today

1B Stovall

3B Wallace

2B Moore

LF Bohrofen

DH Lanzilli

RF Slavens

C Turner

SS Battles

CF Gregory

RHP Noland

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@MattJones Do you have the Indiana lineup?

Indiana’s lineup:

2B Doanes

SS Glasser

CF Whalen

DH Ellis

LF Tibbitts

1B Fougerousse

RF Colopy

3B Pyne

C Serruto

RHP Modugno

Thank you!!

Indiana RH despite getting roughed up last week was really really good last year 2.09 era 15 starts with two runs or less so let’s hope we see the guy that pitched last week.Connor needs to get off to a good start sometimes he struggles in the first.

Seems like the cold couldn’t be good for a pitcher’s arm. Maybe it’s just because I’m getting old & the cold bothers me more than it once did, but I’d hate the thought of playing in temps below 60. Something in the 30’s would be unbearable.

it’s not fun to play in the cold with wind blowing in for sure.need to get off to a good start

Are we home or visitor today?

visitor today,we are home tomorrow and Visitor Sunday

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I’ve always been told that cold isn’t so bad for the arm as it is for grip. When hand is cold, you can’t feel the ball. And that leads to issues spinning the ball. No control on breaking pitches.

On cold days, umps let you put hand to mouth and blow some warm air. You gotta do that to get a grip.

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