Arkansas legend spoke to the team tonight

Wow! Now that is a great one. One of the greatest not only Hog, but Bronco as well.


Don’t you love defensive players who are big hitters? We haven’t had a big hitter in a while. Maybe Bumper will fill the role.

He was one of the greatest Hogs ever and his hard hitting set the standard everywhere he played…

I would argue that Santos Ramirez is ab big hitter - not in Atwater’s league, but a big hitter nevertheless.

Tony Bua before that.

SI called Atwater the smiling assasin.

In my opinion, very few have played the position better in college or pro.

He would come into the stadium with both hands raised like Corey Beck would later in b-ball.

When you talk Arkansas folklore from nationally recognized teams, #27 was right there.

There should be some big pic or major recognition of Steve at our stadium

If he had come down with that interception against Miami there may have been a statue for him. … eaten.html

30 years ago this year.

Santos is a big hitter but rarely wraps up have seen several times includng last week where he just slams into them and they bounce off…got to wrap up em up brother!!

27 didn’t wrap up on this one:


trust me I remember it but common sense will tell you that you have a much better chance to tackle a ballcarrier if you use your arms…there is a reason you practice that everyday.Santos tried to chest thump Harris from Bama last year and got trucked,.They look good until you miss the tackle.

I don’t disagree. I also remember the big hit he got on Chad Kelly at the end of the game in RRS in '16. He basically missed Kelly but hit the ball. Otherwise Kelly might get the first down on that fourth and 16 play and the Rebnecks might win.


yeah big hits look good as long as they hit the ground…love to see them!! but hate it when they don’t do what they are taught everyday to do.that’s the coach in me I guess.