Arkansas leads for major target

RB Marcus Major’s father said the Hogs are at the top for his son.

“They’re clearly on the top,” Major Sr. said.

Major, 6-0, 181 of Oklahoma City Millwood has offers from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Baylor and others.


RD, the way I see it is the same way Chad Morriss would put it. "He is the perfect fit for what we want.

Kid can play!!!

This would be a great school to set-up a pipeline too. Millwood puts out multiple D1 products a year. I remember playing in a state championship game against Millwood as a sophomore in high school. We ran into the 2 younger Woods brothers who all went to Oklahoma State and a massive Oline. Needless to say, we appreciated the stat runner-up crown that year!

Now that’s funny.

Ok…unless I am missing something when watching the video, this guy has LEGIT speed! It looks like he has one speed only and that is hauling ARSE (no cursing on here…haha) speed!!! He is for sure one guy that will cause other teams to be chasing OUR speed!! Love his video and he would be a fantastic pick up from an offense very very similar to what CCM will be running. Good stuff and thanks RD!