Arkansas LB Grant Morgan to return (story)


Huge news for the Hogs. He’s a 5 star get. Thanks Grant, we are very proud of you.


Woo Pig!

Absolutely. And not just a 5*, but a 22 year old 5 star with a full season and a spring practice in the defensive system. Plus, a returning All SEC 1st teamer.

Thank you Grant!!

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What a great Razorback. Guys like Grant have helped and will continue to help this football program get back to where it needs to be.

Awesome! Thank you Grant!

Outstanding news WPS!!

I thought he was 31. (jk…wps)

Awesome news! Merry Christmas everybody! Go Hogs!

Great news from a great player! He’ll help stabilize our defense for 2021! WPS!

That is fantastic news. Hogs will have an awesome defensive backfield next year. Merry Christmas!

Great Christmas gift for our Razorback family.

Merry Christmas Grant!!!

Thank You Grant, we know it was a big decision to make considering your options.


Gear news and an awesome Christmas present for all Hog fans! Thank you Grant Morgan! It great to see Arkansas players do the hard work to earn it on the field.

Great news! Can his brother come back too :grinning: ? Both unbelievable competitors and tough as nails. And are there any more Morgans in the pipeline?

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As good a player as he has been for us, his contribution to the team in leadership and competitive fire may be even greater. He is a great role model for the players coming up in the program.

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Excellent point. I think it is a huge positive for CSP’s second Razorback team.

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