Arkansas' latest commit - RHP Kevin Heinrich

Talked with RHP Kevin Heinrich a few minutes ago. Here’s more on him: … 019-class/

not exactly eye opening stats ave better than a walk per inning…must obviously see something we like.

17 of his classmates and teachers at Stoneman Douglas got blown away by a psycho with a gun. I’d cut him some slack on the 2018 stats.

Sad that a young man or young woman has to go through such horror.

I eased my way in to asking him about what that day was like. Couldn’t even begin to imagine it. He talked about it openly, which impressed me. I didn’t include this in the story, but here’s what he said:

“I was in the building right next to (where the shooting occurred) on a bathroom break when it happened. I heard most of everything that happened. At first I had no idea what was happening. It honestly sounded like fireworks. All of a sudden, you hear a fire alarm going off, and I just followed the fire drill procedure when you’re in a bathroom. I came out, went down a stairwell and … my mom is a teacher at the school and she had planning that period. She’s a PE teacher, so luckily she was walking behind the gym doors right as I was walking by and we saw each other, and that’s when we heard another three rounds go off. And over her radio we heard ‘CODE RED, CODE RED,’ and that was it. Then we heard more shots going off, and everyone started running. It was crazy.”

He continued: “My dad is a police officer. He works for Coral Springs, and he was the officer on the baseball field who took one of the shot victims, took them to the baseball locker room, healed up his wound, grabbed a bulletproof vest and a sidearm from one of his captains and started clearing the building. My whole family was there except my little brother. … He’s going into seventh grade (this year).”

Thanks for that Scottie. That’s an incredible story from the young man. I’m sure that his mother was greatly relieved to see him that day. I cannot even begin to imagine it.

well Swine had I known that I would have cut him some slack. had to be tough to go through for sure.

The fact that he attends Marjory Stoneman Douglas was in Scottie’s story. Didn’t mention the shootings, but there’s only one MSD High (she was a naturalist who helped keep the Florida Everglades from becoming an airport and an outpost of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale sprawl; the school was named for her on the occasion of her 100th birthday). When I saw that in the story I kinda gulped.

never heard about the shootings so I had no clue.

Thanks, Scottie, for sharing those quotes. That had to be an unbelievable experience. Certainly, can’t imagine what he and his parents went through that day.

I didn’t want to dive real deep into that experience in his commitment story. I’ve got everything saved for a potential feature on him down the road, though.

Also, I mentioned in the story that Kevin is having a really good summer on the mound. He texted me his summer numbers this morning, and they’re really good: 25.1 IP, 4 saves, 10 hits, 27 strikeouts, nine walks, one earned run, .76 WHIP and a 0.28 ERA.

I was about to ask if you were serious, but on reflection, not a surprise.

Hey Look SA I deleted it because I did remember it!!! but you going to bring it back up and try to make me look stupid! when I read the story it didn’t register in mind right away and there are so many shootings nowdays I had to
think back on it and why i deleted it. you are an administrator and taking pot shots at people…you’re a joke! can’t stand anything posted that is reality.

Well there are so many shootings today I had to reflect back and think and I do remember it but it didn’t jump out at me when I read the story…oh if we could all as smart as the great Swine… :roll: :roll:

That’s the kind of day that will swell your ERA and ruin your season. His dad sounds like a real hero. This is a young guy who could really use a change of scenery. Hope it works out for all.