Arkansas lands Stetson transfer big man Abayomi Iyiola (story)... … r-big-man/

Dudley what kind of impact can he make? have you seen him play??

I have seen just a little video, but not enough to assess him fully.

He did have 19 and 5 at Duke in a big loss so that’s something.

I do think he will be needed when all is said and done.

Explain yourself Dudley. I’m a little slow.

I said what and all I intend to say for the moment.

Thanks Dudley, as usual I have nothing figured out!

I have now seen some video of him and he’s not bad,has a decent shot and athletic so by the timehe plays he should be stronger and ready to roll.

Just curious if he was measured while wearing a hat as well as the obligatory shoes?

Supposedly we made contact with 6’10 post Tolu Smith from WKU. 3 to play 1 and would assume he would have redshirt.

Would love to be a fly on the wall to see how’s this is all going to work out.

In another thread I had asked Dudley whether he was referring to WKU freshman big Galen Smith when he said “stay tuned”. I suppose Tolu is Galen’s nickname?

I looked up Tolu Smith and a twitter account for Galen “Tolu” Smith, III came up. When I looked at his tweets, it said he was transferring from WKU. So, I think you’re correct

After I posted it, I did see a tweet from McPherson about one Galen “Tolu” Smith.

At this pace Arkansas is going to have a entire starting lineup of Redshirts sitting on the pine during the 2020-21 season and 1-2 Freshmen participating in practice looking to transfer the following year. … ext-school

Yeah that’s kind of what I’m thinking. I don’t like this new world of college basketball programs as one year pro basketball trade schools at all. Maybe the NCAA can start crafting a certificate program for all college basketball players. Teach them a little about personal finance, and a foreign language or two and send them on their way. Really a shame considering the amount of talent our little state is starting to produce. I’m afraid we will never see another great instate player like Sidney Moncrief leading the program to greatness over four years again. I don’t think we’ll even see another Bobby Portis. What we will see is constant roster turnover and an endkess procession of one year players with unpronounceable names.

I must say that so far I was with Muss in his recruiting strategy. But this interest in Tolu has surprised me and making me wonder. Seems like they are jumping on every kid that puts his name in the portal.

And no, I was not referring to Tolu

I honestly have no idea, and my crystal ball has never been worth a damn. Having said that, I read the article you linked as supporting evidence for your position. I remember when that article first came out, and I clearly recall how taken aback I was about the “trust” word being thrown around.

Disclaimer: I have no idea whether Muss EVER promised JB during his recruitment that he would:

  1. be “The Man” in '18-19
  2. be a starter in '18-19
  3. log significant minutes in '18-19
  4. he would be JB’s coach for his entire NCAA career
  5. etc. etc.

What I do recall was that there was constant chatter from the “JB Camp” throughout last season that he wasn’t getting the minutes he “deserved.”

Having watched almost every Pack game last season (many in person), it was clear to me why JB didn’t garner more minutes. It was an upperclassman, experienced team, and Muss typically didn’t play a deep roster. And although JB oozed with potential (mostly on offense), he was a liability on the defensive side of the ball.

Bottom Line: JB simply wasn’t one of the “Best 5” players on that Pack team.

So maybe Muss DID over-promise JB; maybe he didn’t. But one disgruntled blue-chip recruit doesn’t necessarily mean Muss has a bad reputation with “trust” … and that his prized high school recruits will all be looking to transfer out.

Reading this thread makes my head hurt.

Coach is the one that watches practice and knows who should get minutes and who shouldn’t. The coach wants to win mire than anyone. He is going to play the players that he thinks he can win with.

Kind of reminds me of the criticism of Mike by many on this forum for not playing Chaney more.

Yeah, someone who has never seen a minute of practice or coached anyone at any level thinks they know who should be playing and the HC doesn’t.

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