Arkansas lands Jacksonville transfer guard … fer-guard/

So, that means we are full? No longer interested in Quinnerly?

Oh and WPS, like this kid

Yes the Inn is full…until it isn’t.

I personally do not want anyone else to transfer, but we shall see. I’ve heard a ton of Muss interviews and I have never heard him mention Hill. An oversight or does it mean something?

Got the feeling this staff was really really high on this guy and actually preferred him over Quinerly IMO. Also just saw a tweet where he was top 10 in all offensive and defensive statistical categories in the A10 this past year. Likley a first team all conference guy if his team wasn’t so bad.

If he and Vanover happen to get waivers…big IF I know…do we have enough room for both of them next year?

Just me looking from the outside in, it seems like coach isn’t very happy with what he sees so far in the players that were already here.

Who gets left on the bench or left behind at the point guard spot? He’s already mentioned he wants Isiah playing some point.

If I was Harris I would be working on my jump shot non stop.

They aren’t looking for a waiver for Notae.

It is so nice to see no doubting of the coaches on recruiting decisions, it is a welcome change from the past.

I agree that is how the coaches feel or they know Quin is a long shot. Either way, their job is on the line and they make decisions accordingly.

  1. Joe
  2. Bailey
  3. Henderson
  4. Hill
  5. Jones
  6. Cylla
  7. Moss
  8. Gabe
  9. Vanover (RS)
  10. Chaney
  11. Harris
  12. Sills
  13. Notae (RS)

I have not kept up with every interview of Muss. Has he mentioned Sills?

You have to list Garland, until they announce something on him.

Well, with today’s commit, someone obviously is out. I’m betting Garland. Can’t have 14 on scholarship.

PJ listen to this one. It’s short and he talks about the roster quite a bit (to include Sills). … 8499736501

This is from the story:
He is expected to sit out the 2019-20 season unless he requests and is granted a waiver from the NCAA.

Just for old times sake…

<sarcasm on>
Why are we so excited about a no name player from a no name school with a bunch of no name offers?
<sarcasm off>

If MA had offered this kid he would have been eviscerated in private and public based solely on where he comes from and who recruited him.

Nah I don’t buy it. People that know basketball would take a look at his stats from JU, his highlights and realize this is a very good pickup.

They would have gutted him too.

Thank you. That was very informative of what he thinks of the roster. Gabe and Henderson are the only ones he did not mention. Looks like he has a plan for rest of them for sure. Not saying that he does not like what he sees from Gabe and Henderson.

By the way, I understand Team Vanover is confident of getting a waiver…

Best thing about next year’s team is every player except Hill would have had Division One experience, all except one will have had P5 experience and we will have 3 seniors. On court decision making shoukd be much improved.

I’m truly excited about next year. I think Cylla, Moss and Vanover will play big roles (I’m confident Vanover will be eligible). None of them are superstars, but I expect all of them to be in the Top 8 of the rotation.

A lot of versatility from outside. I expect Chaney and Gabe to make big jumps next year too.


One thing to keep in mind is moving back the 3 point line and how that might affect not just us but other teams that rely on the deep shot. Coach talked about that on the Podcast. I was hoping Harris will get back to his three point percentage from New Mexico State, but the extended three point line is not going to help that.