Arkansas lands 6-9 grad transfer forward Vance Jackson

He just announced via Twitter

First thing that jumped out to me looking over Jackson’s numbers is that he’s a plus on the defensive glass at 6-9, 230. I counted 28 games with 6+ defensive rebounds in his career. Had some explosive scoring nights and is a 35 percent career 3-point shooter over 430 attempts. Right around 48 percent on 2-point attempts. Fairly low fouls-committed player, too.

I think this player moves us form a top 20 team to a top 15 team!GHG!

6’9 G/F’s are nice to have around.

Sure looks like a solid fit

Unreal. I just love Muss. BOOM!

Im not sure if jeff Goodman is an enemy, pariah or good dude, but he is taking Stadium sports to an on top of the portal gig:

all in the portal in only one place, obviously many will never find a new landing and some already did but Goodman on Twitter is all ways current. If a freshman could be eligible for portal transfer then I think Muss would just stay in the portal for all recruiting. It is the new norm and fortunately Muss and crew are good at utilizing the portal to fill a roster.

I am not as intensely into the rectuiting as I may have been in the past and just discovered a 7-0" big from UCA who is transferring but having to sit out, anyone else who knows the Koval kid and what he could be?

Looks to be a great pick up for the Hogs!

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From a UNM beat writer I just reached out to:

“Some might say Vance is a diva. Maybe it’s true, but there’s no doubt he’s got skills to play for a check somewhere.”

Will Vance take Mason Jones place on the roster?


Good stuff

Was I dreaming, or was there at least one game (against Nevada) where UNM was wearing yellow unis with no numbers?

Ah, the Pit. Where we beat UCLA and Fullerton to get to the Final Four in '78. Fullerton got its revenge in Omaha 15 months later.

Right now he’s taking the spot of that other ex-Lobo, Jalen Harris.

Seems to really fit what Muss is looking for in a combo forward. He led the team in 3 point shooting at an excellent 41.9% in the 13 conference games he started and played in (he missed 5 games with an injury). He led the team with 5.7 rpg; shot a good 76% on free throws, and was 2nd in scoring at 13.4 ppg,

These stats are conference only, so he was playing his best basketball at the end of the season. I’m very excited about him. I feel similar about him as how I felt about Isaiah Moss last year. Seem to be similar players, but Vance seems to be a better shooter. Kansas better keep their hands off of him!

He does fit the mold of shoot or drive. If you need your G’s to rebound it’s nice that they are 6’9 I would guess. Guy can drive has some game in that area for sure as well as range on the 3.


I’d say he fills the Jimmy Whitt role the best. Can play in the paint, can shoot the mid range, can rebound like Whitt, but can also shoot the 3. Like Gas said, it’s nice to have a g/f that’s 6-9.

Thanks Swine, forgot about Jalen.

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