Arkansas' Khalen Robinson enters NCAA portal

Hate to see it, but it seemed inevitable. Wish him the best and hope he finds a team that can give him lots of minutes. Preferably not in the SEC, but if so, I’ll root for him to do well, just not against the Hogs.


Sometimes things don’t go as planned or hoped, nonetheless I want to thank him for his time as a Razorback. Sincerely hope things work out for him wherever he lands. WPS


Wished it had worked out for him.

I think a new start will do him good.


Here! Here!

Good Luck

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Good luck to both transferees. We knew this was going to happen with 5 high recruits coming in. Probably more will transfer.

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I think he is going to do great somewhere. Just never worked out here. Wish him nothing but great days in his new start.

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DD do you think he fully recovered physically from his injury both in his foot and stamina? I didn’t get to see him play any in H.S. and the little I saw him play in college I thought his biggest weakness was foot speed, he couldn’t seem to get lateral on defense.

I don’t think he fully recovered mentally or physically

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I suspect he tried too hard to return quickly and distinguish himself. I’ll miss what I was hoping for from him. I always thought he looked so smooth; just looked like the consummate PG.

I wish him good luck.

He sure has a pretty stroke. Really hate that it didn’t work out.

KK’s a talented basketball player. Hate that it didn’t work out. Good luck to him.

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