Arkansas' Khalen Robinson enters NCAA portal

Hate this, but understand it. So, RD, if I understand this right, KK is the only player left that can transfer without sitting out (bench players)?

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It’s my understanding others can request a waiver.

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Saw this coming. Love CEM. But he does have a tendency to give up on guys he doesn’t think works in his system, and really give them a chance to develop much. I suspect CV and Jaxon Robinson will leave also.

I totally understand it, hopefully he’s healthy and can show what he can do. Best of luck to him


I wish KK luck. Great kid. Like Harley said in another thread, I hope he doesn’t transfer within the conference.


I just hope he doesn’t go to Florida and come back to bite us in future games.


He gave KK lots of chances but it just never worked out. KK had a problem playing D without fouling. It seemed like after his injury it slowed him down a step or two.

I hope he lands somewhere and turns out to be a great player. No matter what, with Smith and Black coming in, it would be tough for anyone to get minutes in front of them.


He should go to Vermont, dominate the AE and go dancing two or three times. Coach Becker would be great at developing him and figuring him out.

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I doubt he goes to Florida but we will see

I doubt Coach failed to give him a chance to develop


Anyone can transfer down a division and be immediately eligible. Also, if you graduate you are immediately eligible. Not sure the status of Vanover or Kamani in the classroom. I can’t imagine Jaxson Robinson being anywhere close to a degree.

Prayers and best wishes & luck.

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I was afraid of this….such a great kid. I wish him nothing but the best no matter where he goes. He will have plenty of options for sure. If he wants a shot of starting a playing a ton that might mean a stout lower level team. All the best KK and thanks for being here!


Wishing KK well at his new school. Just hope he doesn’t land at another SEC school.

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You must have access to practices. Access that none of the rest of us have.

IMO, KK was given his chances. He just did not capitalize on them.

i hope jaxon stays. lot of untapped talent and potential

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With KK you have to hope that this doesn’t end any chance at his little brother who is pretty dang good.

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