Arkansas Kentucky & Vanderbilt

Just read a Twitter post from ESPN’s Brett McMurphy that since Bielema became the coach his SEC record is 10-23 which is one game better than Kentucky and Vamderbilt over the same time period.

This is so embarrassing … fighting with Vandy and Kentucky to avoid the five year cellar and embarrassing that ESPN writers are highlighting it on Twitter for all recruits to see.

The loyal fans of this program deserve a better return on their investment than a pillow fight for the SEC cellar.

There is no defending it anymore.

It’s an absolute shame. I truly feel sick to my stomach thinking about it.

What makes this 10 times worse, Kentucky looks pretty dang good. Which is more than I can say for us right now.

While true I’m sure the record would be better if we were in the East playing their schedule. I’m not a BB apologist or fan, but I think it’s relevant.

While I’m not happy about our record over that period of time, it is worth noting that we play in the tougher division of the SEC. I don’t think Kentucky would have beat TCU or A$M. I don’t think Florida would have either. Other than Georgia, I’m not sure that any of the teams in the Least Division are any better than we are. Of course they may not be any worse than us either.

Kentucky had won 10 of its last 14 going into last night’s loss to Florida - the 31st straight time in a row that the Gators have beaten the Wildcats.

Vanderbilt - even after the 59-0 beating at the hands of Alabama - and Kentucky are trending up.

Arkansas is not at this moment.

I do think being in the West factors into Arkansas’ equation, but it can’t be a crutch either.