Arkansas & Kansas offers

Texas A&M, Minnesota, and Virginia Tech also made contact over the weekend.

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Kansas seems to be dipping into Arkansas a lot more than usual. Makes me wonder if the NCAA cloud is impacting them and their having to expand recruiting, evaluate players and move away from some of the 1 and done, business-decision type guys.

That’s no knock on KK. He’s a very good player. I just haven’t seen KU have to come into Arkansas much this generation.

Great news! I figured we would offer after he had another nice showing this weekend in KC.

While I wish they would have offered a few weeks ago its nice that they still did so fairly early and didnt totally drag their feet and fudge up the whole thing like the previous staff did with “Isaiah” :lol: McBride last year. Refreshing.

Wonder if it has anything to do with their Athletic Director.

I figured you would be the happiest guy to see Mike Anderson get fired. But you can’t seem to get over him. You bring him up more than anyone. :smiley: :smiley:

You have actually brought him up several times before I did in other posts. Of course I’m happy, we can actually get better as a program now. :lol:

I had missed the “lol” in your post. Didn’t realize you were making fun. Apologize for my post.