Arkansas - Kansas 1977

Barton Coliseum. You think Muss has a short bench! 6 guys played. The Triplets all played 40 minutes. And that was before so many TV timeouts. :: Box Score :: 1977-78 :: Kansas vs. Arkansas in Little Rock, AR (12/22/1977)

Awesome. Look at Super Sid owning the boards and the FT line. Counce had 9 boards too! And Boothead! 21 shots, 10 makes.

I never understood why Boot wasn’t more successful in the NBA. He had a long career no doubt. And he did play behind the Iceman for awhile. But still. What a ball player. My all-time point guard for the Hogs. Over Mayberry even.

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They will play hard but same players and coach got smoked by Texas in Big 12 tournament and Hawgs are like Texas if they play to their abilities. Should be a barnburner of a game and winner glad regardless of how it happens. I hope Hawgs shoot 30 free throws and make 75% , can live with that outcome.

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Great memory! Plus in the box score, it listed two officials. Those were the days! Only 2 officials to complain about not 3. LOL

Officiating wasn’t any better then, trust me.