Arkansas just landed a big-time baseball commit

Jayson Jones is rated the No. 7 prospect overall in the class of 2022 and the top prospect in Texas. His commitment is the Razorbacks’ fourth by a top 100 prospect in that class.

Now can we get him in school?

That’s always the question, right? The first step is to get them committed. Most top prospects still opt for pro baseball out of high school, but it seems more frequently we are seeing great players go to college because it accelerates their time through the minor leagues.

Something to consider about Jones is that a slight modification to the draft date could make him eligible as a college sophomore, and that always seems to be a big appeal. He would have missed the cutoff date by nine days had he been eligible this year, but there is some thought the draft could be pushed a little later into the summer down the road.

That’s great to hear but probably no chance in this world he will ever play for us, but it’s great to see our program so highly thought of


What a dream right now. Be nice if he comes to campus. These top prospects do respect DVH’s program tho.

It’s turning into virtual college sports. And, message boards are following them.

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