Arkansas is the new Aggies

I’ve always said Aggies will always find a way to be Aggies. it appears that is more true about Arkansas.

Bill Self - screwed that up.
Tommy Tuberville - screwed that up.
We tried to blame little Johnny White for both of those and in my opinion that was true.

Petrino puts himself in a ditch and then lied about it.
John L said “Smile…”

Now the powers that be canned a successful AD with no replacement lined up. Then canned the coach. Probably time for the coach but it’s a VERY active market. We need to move on a coach now but what successful coach is going to go work for a school not knowing who his boss will be. What if his boss wanted someone else? So are we going to miss out on the best possible hires because the BOT pulled the trigger on Long without a replacement in mind. Is Arkansas the new A&M? We seem to figure out ways to screw things up.

Boy it sure looks like it!

To be kind, I’ll just say I’m puzzled by the BOT’s decision.

I’m thankful for the BOT’s decision and thank you Tommy Boyer for getting the Long gone ball rolling.

New aggies maybe…new Vandy more likely.

We got it after the first 878 times, dude. You’re kneeling at your bedside every night praying for our administration to go completely insane and bring Easy Rider back.

Don’t forget that we also had the current SEC West champ coach, a former Razorback, on our staff a few years back… plus we had him interested in our job 5 years ago… and we didn’t hire him. Yes, we seem to like to stick our foot near the snake’s mouth… thus, we are snake bit.