“Arkansas is the best job open,

behind only UCLA.” - Matt Norlander on CBS’s Eye on College Basketball podcast

This idea that we should be concerned that other SEC jobs are open and the timing is bad is complete lunacy to me.

Plenty of excellent candidates available and we will have no problem signing a fantastic coach.

About what I expected. You have it set up in your mind that if the replacement is not adequately fantastic, you can hate him immediately and not wait for, oh, actually losing games.

How in the world did you glean that from what I posted?

I will be cautiously optimistic with any hire that we make. This won’t be an overnight fix by any stretch of the imagination. The basketball roster isn’t near the football roster as far as lack of talent, but IMO the roster is a far cry from Sweet 16 worthy. I am guessing 3 years at least before we are a top 25 team even with the right hire.

Also from Norlander:
https://www.cbssports.com/college-baske … tim-miles/
[quote]Talk to coaches and those in the greater college hoops industry and they’ll tell you that Arkansas has no business not being a top-25 program every single season. It failed that mission under Anderson. If it hires the right person for the job, this should be a top-three destination in the SEC with Final Four aspirations. Kelvin Sampson is the top name in play for this job, but surely Wofford’s Mike Young is deserving of an interview.

LOL - boy, aren’t we just a wee bit touchy yet again. Must be jarring to passionately make the case for mediocrity (or worse) being acceptable in the two main sports and then having decision makers state your level of expectations is unacceptable.

The Jeff Long era of style over substance is over - get used to it.

I don’t know who Norlander is or why his opinion matters.

What I do know is we ended up with Stan Heath and John Pelphrey.

I worry about our next hire because I don’t trust HY or the masters controlling him.

We may very well get a great a coach. I think Arkansas is a great job compared to this open. I think coaches know that history. But I also know it hasn’t come to fruition in the past.

If it’s Sampson, which seems to be 1A, HE IS NOT AN UPGRADE. All you have to do is compare career stats. Twice the amount of time as a coach, similar win%, less% of getting to the dance, slightly hire chance of making past first weekend if getting there (27% vs 22%), four Conference Championship compared to 2 for Anderson. 2 SS, 1 EE, 1 FF IN 30 years.

If Yurachek hires him, we should go after HY. We need a real AD, not a puppet for the BOT. HY’s Time needs to end today

Thanks for posting and glad to hear this from others outside of Arkansas.

Other guys at his own news agency are saying the opposite. Including Jerry Palm, who I’m assuming has more idea on the subject, by the way Palm isn’t being very respectful of AR and it’s tradition.


I agree completely with what Norlander and others are saying. We have to much of a rich tradition to be at the level we are currently sitting at. My father-in-law is a LONG TIME Kentucky fan (grew up in Kentucky) and when it was announced even he said to me it was probably overdue! He knows Arkansas can be a stout program with the right hire. Hope it happens!

That’s Palms and others opinions which they are entitled too, just like there are those out there that feel like Norlander. At the end of the day, all it is is a debate from others outside the program and will always have folks on both sides of the fence on subjects like this. If this program had never reached the level of success it has in years past I would be in agreement with Palm but that’s not the case here in my opinion.

Yep, yet again (first with Bielema) Swine shows he doesn’t have quite the finger on the pulse of Razorback athletics that he thinks. As I’ve said, he’s a great reverse barometer of what the athletic administration will actually do, and what our sports programs should expect. And yet he keeps caustically firing off at other posters like he’s the biggest genius in the world. Really something.

This is because of Anderson. Too many people forget, before Anderson got here, coaches were avoiding Arkansas like the plague. Anderson stabilized the program and for the most part rallied the state. So thank Anderson for part of this mans belief.

Another reason and probably the only other reason this job is attractive is for a small state, we do produce good basketball talent. My personal opinion, is part of the reason Anderson was fired and not wait maybe one more year like some have suggested he deserved, is so the new coach can get a jump on the 2020 class that will be one of the best in state group of talent in a very long time. 2021 is also looking promising.

People spout about tradition, but the fact is these young men weren’t alive during most of that, if any at all. Just saying “tradition” isn’t going to get good players here. A new coach can build that trust and I pray that he does, but this firing could still have negative effects in recruiting that I don’t think some of you understand.


Pretty easy! The pundits write and speak about our hogs like burned bacon and yet you have a pipe dream about how great it is! Wake up the people who didn’t want CMA retained when Nolan left fired and now those same idiots have a yes man as the AD, and now have fired the only coach we’ve had in 25 years that could put a team on the court and compete! We didn’t win over 20 games a year but we’re not in the cross hairs of the NCAA or FBI.
Get use to get hammered for another 25 years and enjoy your coffee!
HY better hire a good coach that can recruit and win or his seat will be smoking!

Just stop it. You can say you weren’t satisfied with the results and that’s fine, but to say his tenure was mediocre, especially since you stated something along the lines of not caring about basketball in the first place, is a gross misunderstanding of either the word mediocre or you not understanding basketball.

These are very good points. You and I have not agreed on much but on this we do.

I think what the “tradition” really means is just that we have shown the capability of being a national power, even with the native obstacles we have, mostly being a small state with low population.
We should expect that with the right coach we can return to that.

UCLA is at tough place to coach in a conference that is way down right. The national media, much of it based in southern California, still perceives the best program in SoCal automatically means the UCLA job is an elite or near-elite gig. I’m not sure that perception matches the reality. UCLA’s fan base has a much worse dose of “we used to be great so we should always be great” than Arkansas fans. So the new guy always walks onto campus into a situation where it is much easier to disappoint than impress.

I do think the Arkansas job is a better job than the three other SEC jobs that are open or the two that might be open in the short term (LSU and Auburn). The new practice facility and Bud Walton level things out to where it comes down to interest and support for the program, and basketball just means more here than at any of those places. All of those schools will probably have to pay substantially more to get anything but an up-and-comer than Arkansas.

“People spout about tradition, but the fact is these young men weren’t alive during most of that, if any at all. Just saying “tradition” isn’t going to get good players here. A new coach can build that trust and I pray that he does, but this firing could still have negative effects in recruiting that I don’t think some of you understand.”

I guess I don’t understand. On the other hand, should we not expect HY to hire an elite recruiter? I think he will. I think he gets it.

And I think the end product of that will be much higher caliber talent than what Mike was able to get. No more glaring offensive holes in our lineup. Better balance. More consistency.

Like it or not, we’ve seen Chad Morris obliterate the idea that you can’t recruit to Fayetteville. Gotta work hard, sell something — putting players in the League, for one — and be creative. But it is done. We now know that based on what Morris has done. And there is no indication Morris cheats. Again, find the right pitch and work the hell out of it.

No doubt in my mind that CMA left the program better than when he arrived.

I’m not suggesting anything for or against what you’re saying. I’ve never said you can’t recruit here. I disagree that Anderson has brought no talent here(benefit for the next coach if they stay, which I have my doubts).

What I’m saying is more the perception of fans compared the perception of recruits. Just screaming “we have tradition” means jack to them. I agree with you the right hire can put these concerns to rest, but my point is Anderson had a connection with in state recruits and other top recruits I don’t think people recognize or care to try to recognize. I’m not saying we totally damaged ourselves in this regard firing Anderson, but don’t be surprised if the next coach takes a few years just to get Arkansas back to the level of talent and wins that Anderson had us in now.

No doubt Mike had good connections to in-state coaches. But I think there were certain aspects of his system that made it easy for de facto agents and handlers for elite recruits like Archie G. and Monk to steer the player away from Mike. Some aspects contrived, some real. Bobby Portis was probably Mike’s best player. We need multiple players as good as or better than even Bobby. The Goodwins, the Monks. That’s how you get to Elite 8s and Final Fours. The next guy has to get these players, regardless of the Caliparis of the world. He will be a disappointment if he can’t get them.