Arkansas is reportedly hiring Derrick LeBlanc

Love it has ties to La,Texas and knows Ark. excellent hire.
Great recruiter! His 2020 class at Kentucky has one 5* and 3 -4* we need some of those type guys now!!

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Have they signed yet??

Yes I believe so. I reworded my post I said we need some of those type guys now

Was he the lead recruiter on those players?

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Have no clue ,saw it posted elsewhere that these are the kids signed at Kentucky.I would be more than shocked if he didn’t have a big hand and getting them there. Do you think someone else would be the lead recruiter for d line recruits?

I just checked. He was not listed as the recruiter for any of them. Some dude named Clinkscales recruited 4 of them. Looks like he is the DB coach at Kentucky

Makes no sense whatsoever then.

I don’t think the Kentucky 247 updates their football recruiting, or Keeps up with the details as much as basketball. I’d hardly imagine he hasn’t been the lead recruiter for the DL he has signed. He was the coach doing the in homes with some that he liked pics of on twitter.

Exactly! I know for sure I’m not signing with a college without knowing my coach extremely well.

Coached Georgia DL coach Trey Scott during his time at Arkansas Tech.

Its an A+ hire- he has built their entire D-line.
Specific reason he is being hired. Ark ties and likely more cash. From Baton Rouge I believe. Very good recruiter. I bet UK bluebloods are pissed about this hire. Almost certain they will be bitter.

I thought the Kentucky DL was the best unit on their defense in the game at Lexington this year. Very physical and great effort.