Arkansas is officially the undisputed laughingstock of college football

regardless of who is hired - Ole Miss of all teams got the ultimate slam dunk punk on Hogs. They will have recruits fighting each other to get in and we will be lucky to crack the top 100 for the next 5 years. Well, IMO Barry Lunny would be the absolute worst possible scenario. They should drop the program if that’s what HY and the BOT come up with. What a s@!t show…
And I always thought that good would ultimately prevail over evil.

I see it the other way. We’re fortunate LK isn’t our coach. As I said in an earlier post. His & Ole Miss character are a perfect match.

Before I melt down over it I think I’ll wait to see what HY comes up with in this search. He was looking very similar as right now when he hired Coach Muss.

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That what worries me Barry Lunny although popular in H.S. in NW Arkansas will not recruit to a elite level and have those Louisiana/Texas bluechips passing on offers that border our state from LSU, Texas and dare I say Ole Miss.

Its one thing to be a fan of a 4-5 win program in 2020 with help on the way… It’s quite another when your class consist of 13- 3 Star player’s and 9 JUCO’s