Arkansas is now ranked 10th nationally...

by Rivals after the addition of Devin Bush.

That’s just nuts and unprecedented in the modern era

  1. Alabama
  2. Oregon
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Texas A&M
  5. Clemson
  6. Texas
  7. LSU
  8. Georgia
  9. Michigan
  10. Arkansas

Good call Mr Davenport


247 has us 16th with the addition of Bush. Still pretty nuts.

247 has the hogs 16th.
ESPN hasn’t posted the Bush commitment.
What a difference between the 3 services.

Has Arkansas ever been ranked this high? If they have it has been a long, long time.

Amazing. For one who has hoped for additional recruiting tactics, strategies and elite recruiters for years to match the bigs, I never thought I would live to see it.

Congratulations to an entire staff.

It’s not like they were handed the keys to Alabama and told to just keep it up.

Our guys were starting from scratch. Maybe below scratch.

Very impressed and congrats to Admin and coaches.

Not only has ESPN not posted the Bush commitment, but they list 16 schools he is/was considering – and Arkansas isn’t one of them. But that hasn’t been updated in a month either.

You know anytime I would see this from another school I would wonder why all of the sudden is this school pulling high profile recruits. I’m not saying we are cheating, but if I was on the outside looking in I would be suspicious.

Regardless I’m enjoying it.

I’ve had the same thought. But on the other hand they can show them our film and say “look at that, you can play from day one.”

ESPN is the Tide network in football and in basketball the are the Wildcat network

No doubt.

Making the the recruiting top 10 by one wire service might raise an eyebrow. Hitting the top 5 or better all of a sudden like a few of our SEC competitors did might raise both eye brows.

I love being listed with that group. Been saying a long, long time that if you want to beat them in the fall, you have to at least equal them in Feb. Finally doing that it would appear. Must keep it up!!

I am so excited!! always have said there is no excuse we couldn’t recruit like this…now we just have to hope they are as good as advertised…welcome aboard!!

A chance to play from day 1 maybe. But no promises. That would be a sure redshirt & transfer ticket for some if it didn’t happen.

What’s their secret? Do you think they just work harder than everyone else?

Here is Clay’s commentary from early October: Recruiting All Day, Every Day

Thanks for the reminder Marty. Had to go back reread that thread. Read it a little slower as well. All makes sense now & I remember Clay saying that CCM is a workaholic putting in countless hours. Puts everything in perspective now. CCM knew what needed to be done here & who he needed to help get it done.

They don’t make excuses, or catch phrases like recruit uncommon men, which is just an excuse to blind fans from the fact that they weren’t SEC level.

They just recruit, and clearly, they are pretty good at it.