Arkansas is now 77th nationally and 14th in the SEC in

football recruiting.

Obviously that is going to likely go down more and than go back up when the new guys is hired.

Pending decommit by Chandler Morris will be a hard hit to our ranking. Will be a free-fall thru the month of November.

More reason to get a big name hire sooner ( Bob Stoops) than later.

It appears the Texas players aren’t as willing to “wait and see”. It’s possible some players can make the full circle back, depending on staff retention and of course, the head coach.

The new coach better hire people that can recruit Texas as that is the main reason Coach B failed and his resume was a lot better than who our new coach will be.

I’ve kind of resigned myself to this being a very low rated class. Better work the transfer portal hard.

Expected a rash of decommits, with or without CCM. Our declining performance & less than favorable feedback from players would have taken its toll.

Hope HY progresses quickly before the end of season HC firings. Read that So. Carolina is reviewing Muschamp’s $19 million buyout after one of our HC potential candidates, Drinkwitz at APP St, beat them last Saturday.

Texas’ kids have so many great opportunities in state thats’ getting harder to recruit .
Texas, A&M, Baylor, TCU, Tech, Houston.
Then LSU and Oklahoma are going to come in strong as well.
Alabama, Georgia, ND, etc. always find a way to get their fair share too.

Oklahoma State lives off 3 star Texas recruits.

Another great example

The pool of players in TX has actually grown significantly with the population boom. aTm, LSU, & UofA have an advantage since in SEC conference. LSU signs only 2 or 3/yr from TX. Loyalty to TX universities has declined thru the years, probably due to web & cable plus so many transplants from elsewhere. With the big UofA following here, we have the ability to get all the recruits that we need if we have a good recruiter & proof of success.

The quality of those programs, ie Baylor, is giving them more options of in state top 20 programs. Oklahoma and OK State can’t survive without Texas.

This AM Dallas Morning News posted their 2020 recruiting summary of destinations of TOP 100 recruits in DFW, Texas, & National.

Out of the top 100 DFW, the teams with big volume of DFW commitments were: ut (6), OU (6), CO (5), Baylor (4), & TT (3). No surprises except for CO being so successful.

Arkansas, aTm, LSU, & OK St all had only 1 recruit out of top 100 in DFW. Despite those who claim aTm in SEC has hurt Arkansas recruiting, aTm does not heavily recruit DFW & with their focus on Houston area where they signed 8. OK St signing only 1 in DFW & 2 in TX was a surprise.

Too late for AR to have recruited DFW & Texas or to turn any players to AR but hopefully big opportunities next year under CSP.

Got to find those diamonds in rough whether it’s DFW or East Texas.They’re there: got to find them, get them on campus, develop them, coach 'em up and go win with them.