Arkansas is now 5-11 in its last 16 games. Let that sink in.

The wound is deep and wide so it will take a while to heal. This program was falling apart before CCM got here. The Arkansas Razorbacks have a roster with glaring holes in important areas. This is a drastic scheme change that exacerbates the Roster Holes. Recruiting SEC level players is the only fix that will work for this offense. We don’t have enough talented depth to overcome mistakes in the second half. A new coaching staff will make some mistakes but we don’t have enough talent to overcome coaching mistakes in the 4th quarter.

Fans have to accept this is a 2 year rebuild because this roster is a mess. We have great depth at TE and RB but they are wasted because a self proclaimed Oline Superstar couldn’t keep feeding the talent. Our Oline needs a mobile QB period! Our offense is like a Basketball team without a Point Guard. Our existing QB’s are not capable of distributing the ball to playmakers.

Our WR’s are too weak for press coverage and it is showing up BEFORE we get to SEC play. Pettway is one of the few that will be ok. Our QB’s were recruited for the Pro Style offense to sit in the pocket- this is a square peg in a round hole Roster issue.

We are going to look bad against UNT and probably lose if we continue to do what we’ve been doing. We have to accept the rebuild and quit EXPECTING a bowl game or even 5 wins. Let’s be level headed about the scheme change impact and the need to get the talent. Let’s enjoy improvement with a goal of being good in Year 3.

I agree with much of what you say here, but unfortunately Morris will have to pay for the sins of Smiles Smith and Mr. 11-29.

In short, Arkansas fans are SICK of losing. This is the worst six now going on seven year stretch of football since the 1950s. This means a lot of fans will be lacking patience and will be quick to turn if improvement is slow to come or hard to discern apart from what is happening on the scoreboard.

I really don’t think the fanbase as a whole will be patient enough to handle a slow rebuilding process. I think Morris needs to be as creative as possible in flipping this roster - look for any opportunity you can to shed dead weight, character problems, etc. Find a way to sign 25 and make room for immediate help via grad transfers, Jucos, etc.

Winning is a habit as is losing. Coach Morris has to find a way to win games. Simple solution , hard process. Coach has a time to do it on his terms or the terms will dictate his choices. I think we have enough talent to be competitive and to get to a bowl game. It will take a change in current focus for that to happen. It starts with the QB position (esp in this offense) I think that is where the change will come to make us competitive again. I look there first as the old saying is if you have two quarterbacks you really do not have one. The combined stats of the Qb’s of the first two games is what we regularly saw with Mallet, Wilson and the Allens in one game, so not sure the freshmen are really that far away from the upper classmen at this point.

does that mean we were 6-11 in last 17?

We shouldn’t have to be in a 3 year rebuild.

Jackson Reid, you are right. We are SICK of losing, and being embarrassed.

I know I have said it, but we DID NOT have to blow this program up. We had players for a certain system, and could have gotten a coach to fix what we had, and utilize our talent correctly. Now this square peg/round hole situation has done so much more harm than good. It is already visible. And the coaches do not know what to do. They have been grasping at straws personnel wise for 9 months.

This fan base and administration WILL NOT let this go on for 3 years. He won’t be gone this season, but if this goes into 2019 with the same issues, then what?

The problem is that the issues you are upset about are not reversible. CCM is our coach and it won’t change for at least 3 years if he keeps the committed players we have and follows up with more like them next season. Most fans know the need to get into Texas and have witnessed his successes in recruiting the last 6 months. CCM will have the talent to run his system in Y2 and Y3 so then we will know if he is a good coach.