Arkansas is No. 5 in the new coaches poll

How can we be #5 when we are near the bottom (or at the bottom) of the SEC with runners in scoring position? Maybe we jumped to 1st since I looked? WE CAN"T score…

I was expecting us to fall a few more notches. I guess the voters know Van Horn teams usually show up strong come tournament time.


This is a surprise. Get beat at home by Vandy and only fall 1 spot. That’s respect!

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I doubt the voters look at or even have an interest in that statistic. They know we’re 17-10 in the SEC & have a very good overall record even if many of our opponents suck.

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The hogs would have been better if not playing all of those games Against in state schools.

Of course they would have been better off not playing all those in-state schools. But the way to deal with it is not to schedule them in the first place. Don’t cancel at the end of the season to artificially help your RPI. A&M started a fad & now every team who needs to be sure its RPI is a bit higher is doing the same thing.

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When you look around, lots of other teams had tough weekends. Who you going to move up. I believe the coaches have more respect for this team than the non coaches.


And 7 in D1 baseball; writers and coaches know Vanderbilt is really good and a nail biter decided the series.

I was thinking only a sweep at Bama would get us the super but maybe 2/3 will get it done.

I have always read and been told SEC tourney does not matter. Didn’t State go 0-2 there last year and host a super on their way to win it all ?

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Mississippi State got run-ruled twice in Hoover last year. They looked awful that week.

Seems like things turned out okay for them despite that.

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