Arkansas is No. 1 on the list of

after today’s visit.

Stone, 6-8, 340 of Trussville, (Ala.) Hewitt-Trussville also has offers from Louisville, Purdue and other offers.


cool story bro moment, this kid ate behind me at the catfish hole tonight, he and his dad were really nice, kid was huuuuuge

Fun stuff.

They gave him a fried pie, I was jealous


Any offers from any other SEC schools? Most especially Alabama and Auburn? If not, any idea why?


Not at the moment. Early.

We need some of that. Is he just bigger than those he is playing or can he play in the SEC? I can never answer that watching these, but that is how I like to see an Olineman get after it. Mash the guy in front of you sort of like in The Blindside where they got the penality for excessive blocking.