Arkansas is in the market for a new SID

Patrick Pierson has left Arkansas to take a similar position at Oregon. Patrick was in the lead role for football for the past three years and also managed the communications department as an assistant athletic director.

Prior to that he was the Razorbacks’ basketball SID for a couple of seasons. He is probably best known nationally for coining the phrase “Dunk City” at Florida Gulf Coast during its NCAA Tournament run in 2013.

So, the new AD wanting “his” people, or just time to move on? I realize the move from FGCU to here was a move up, not sure Arkansas to Oregon is move up, but a lateral move.

I’m not sure what the circumstances are surrounding his move. I do know he was an assistant AD here and will be an associate AD at Oregon. If that is anything like Arkansas’ title and pay structure, then it is certainly not a lateral move.

Ok, I guess I glossed over those titles like the guys at a bank, they give out new titles instead of pay raises.

A good SID can be beneficial to a university. Arrogant SIDs, who think the media is there to help them or that smaller outlets are not entitled to the same benefits as the national media, don’t do the university any favors. The best SIDs get to know each outlet as well as possible in a professional manner and intervene on behalf of all media members with the coaches and athletes to the best of their abilities. In years gone by, Arkansas always had the latter. I assume that is still the case, though I don’t know that personally.

Patrick was a very good SID, both in basketball and football. In particular with football, he repaired trust between the department and the media that had eroded under his predecessor. He also brought a new level of social media savvy that put Arkansas at the front of the class in that area.

I spoke to Patrick and communicated with Chris Freet about the move this afternoon. Here is more: … ng-oregon/

Patrick’s girlfriend, Sarah, is from Oregon and her parents live in Eugene and Portland. Sarah works for a division of our company and told her staff she was leaving earlier this week. I’m told that meeting was pretty emotional.

Good for them, sounds like a good move.

Beautiful area. Some of the most beautiful I’ve seen.

It makes northern Indiana look like a slum.
I can’t imagine someone moving to South Bend, IN.
unless their financial situation required it.

Someone remind Luke to get some longjohns
and stay on campus.