Arkansas is going to scrimmage a Rangers team in October

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Here are some more details:

• Wednesday’s game will begin at 6 p.m. and Thursday’s game will begin at 4 p.m. Admission is free. The UA will put out a release soon on some other topics like concessions.

• This Rangers team will play five scrimmages against four college teams next week. They will play at Oklahoma State on Monday, at Oklahoma on Tuesday and against TCU on Friday at Globe Life Field.

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Arkansas will start Jaxon Wiggins on Wednesday and Hagen Smith on Thursday.

Here is a preview of the scrimmages with thoughts from Matt Hobbs and Nate Thompson.

Is the starting lineup posted yet?

Lineups typically are not posted until about an hour before the game begins.

Oklahoma St beat them 8-1 last night.

You got any predictions on who starts at short, 3B, center, etc.?

This is a shot in the dark based on where players have lined up recently and conversations with coaches. Nothing would surprise me too much. Wegner has been injured and returned to practice last week.

C — Hudson Polk

1B — Kendall Diggs

2B — Peyton Stovall

3B — Caleb Cali or Jayson Jones

SS — Harold Coll

LF — Jared Wegner

CF — Tavian Josenberger

RF — Jace Bohrofen

Here is the starting lineup:

CF Tavian Josenberger
3B Caleb Cali
2B Peyton Stovall
LF Jared Wegner
DH Kendall Diggs
1B Jayson Jones
RF Jace Bohrofen
C Hudson Polk
SS John Bolton

RHP Jaxon Wiggins

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