Arkansas is feeling good about

flipping Jacolby Criswell & Robert Scott.

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Good start for CSP for sure.

Flip Curry and Lindberg, then get Crawford back onboard, plus Scott…that’s a good start to the OL. I’m thinking Curry has to listen since he’s lost staff that recruited him. Plus, we have Brady Ward interested in us earlier this year and I’m sure other OL that Sam was onto at GA.

Alot of rumors that he will have to go JUCO.

Really like getting Scott! Would be a great addition!has everything you look for in an OT,just will need to get much stronger and he can play quickly!

It’s only been a day and he is taking care of the instate kids first! It will be nice to see Criswell in a Hog uniform!
There’s no doubt CSP knows how to build an Oline so just give him time to coach em up.

Who is Robert Scott. Position, height, weight. Where is he committed now.

Got it.

OT from Conway. ESPN top 300 player. Can’t recall his measurements

OT, 6-6, 295, committed to the Rebnecks. But he’s not ESPN 300. He’s the #63 OT on ESPN, a 3-star, #258 in the Southeast region. Listed as #4 in Arkansas though,

Robert Scott

NLRs own Brandon Thomas might be a good call. Not sure why we didnt try harder on this one. Beast. Home grown.

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I gather he is better than his ranking.

Great to hear! Glad he’s solidifying the team and the recruits as well as going for Criswell. But so far all I’ve heard about are the in state commits and potential others to recruit/flip. We had 3 out of state kids stick with us too, but I haven’t heard anything about them yet. Any word at all?

Just saw RD’s post on two of them. Great to hear that too. Thanks!

RD…you still feeling the same way on Criswell at this point now that he is still going on his OV? My hope is he is going as planned to get a feel and that he will come home and flip now that he has an opportunity to play here. Might be a pipe dream but a man can hope right!

At this time no on Criswell