Arkansas is expcted to see

Blytheville’s Larry Clark this week. Very athletic OL.

I like the way they are getting to the kids that were just off the offer list for the last staff and are taking a hard look at them.

No doubt Barry Lunney is a big help in that.

BB signed fewer Arkansas kids than his predecessors.

My guess is, Morris will get back to the levels that made Nutt and BP successful. Lunney should certainly be an asset.

may not be bad strategy - given how many of the lineman they pursued haven’t been playing…

New staff has no choice but to emphasize the home state hogs this first year as they try to build a fence around the best recruits in the state. Sad but appears we are having to come back in an shore up our interest. Glad to see the staff doing this for several reasons.

I do not consider Petrino’s recruiting practices to have been focused on Arkansas recruits. Nutt, absolutely.

Bielema might not have gotten the amount of Texas kids others got, but he did increase the numbers in La. and Fla. Part of the problem was turnover on the staff. Smitty was here all five years in La.

I agree with everyone who says we have to recruit Texas better. There’s no doubt. And shoring up Arkansas is a must as well. That said, I hope we don’t become so regional that we can’t occasionally go to Florida and Georgia or even Missouri for good players. Arkansas and Texas are 1 and 1A, Oklahoma 2, Lousiana 3, but there has to occasionally be a 4, 5, or 6.