Arkansas is back in the AP Top 25


Seth Davis at The Athletic voted us 16th in his ballot.

Mistyped: It was 19th

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A couple of wins this week and we should be in the teens. This season is so similar to last year. Maybe we can have a similar finish and squeeze out a couple of more wins!


Tied for 24th with UConn in the coaches poll.

a 3 seed sure helped that out. Would like to get to as close to that line as possible.

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And the committee completely ignores the polls. As they should. We go about 5-2 from this point, we’ll be fine.

That would be awesome to finish out

It’s there for the taking with Tennessee twice, Kentucky, LSU, FL on the road. Man I hope we finish strong and it could be another memorable March.

Here is a ranking breakdown for Arkansas by voter:


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