Arkansas is almost a Coca-Cola school again

I remember dragging Cherry St. in PB, stopping at Derwood’s for a Coke (it was always “going for a Coke,” no matter what you ordered). Was a Diet Coke man for many years but rarely have soft drinks anymore. I do miss the old regional brands like Nugrape, Sun Drop and of course Nehi.

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Since I worked at Weingartens Supermarket (16th & Cherry) for over 10 years I probably had every item on their menu. Dragging Cherry was a big part of my childhood.

Sun Drop is still around and is always on the shelves at my local Walmart and supermarkets in eastern NC. They also have a cherry lemon flavor which I don’t think I want to try, but I pick up a six pack occasionally (Sun Drop got me through junior high school)

I was addicted to Sun Drop in my early 20’s. I believe it has high caffeine amounts. North Carolina must be it’s core market. I saw a lot there.

According to an article I saw, Sun Drop is popular in Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Minnesota in addition to NC. Same article also said bottled SD has a slightly different formula than canned SD. It’s owned by Dr Pepper.

Cheerwine > anything else

I’ve tried that too. Not overly impressed. The black cherry soda Mom used to buy at our neighborhood Safeway store when I was a kid was better.

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Cheerwine has a strong base in some areas. Not for me.

I hope we stay with Nike. Adidas and UA put out some ugly uniforms and ugly gear for fans to wear.

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The much beloved McFadden era football uni which we are now copying was an Adidas design (note the logo on the shoulder)

Oh, I remember when we had Adidas, and yes they brought us the best uniform (in my eyes) that we’ve had BUT…Adidas has changed templates since we were an Adidas school and use some weird wicking fabric that makes the jersey look terrible. Adidas baseball uniforms(except for Mississippi State…those are freaking awesome) and shoes are ugly, same with basketball. Just not a fan… :grinning:

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I haven’t noticed anything weird about their hoops unis (like the Aggies here). Except for being maroon, not bad looking threads.


Anyway I’m not going to get bent out of shape about it. It’ll be whoever cuts HY the best deal. Hopefully the rise of our basketball and football programs to national relevance allows that to happen. If it’s Nike, great, if it’s Adidas, okay. Less thrilled with UA.

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Hahhhhh - nice one!

Totally agree!

A&M’s home basketball uni’s look like sweat pant material. Awful. Hope we stick with Nike and evently become a Jordan Brand school.

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Yeah the Jumpman choices are a little weird. Houston? Absolutely nobody cares about them outside Harris County, and not very many inside Harris County. San Diego State? There are 8 Jumpman schools from what I can tell. UNC, Michigan, OU, Florida, UCLA, and Marquette for hoops.

You’d think Muss would have some contacts at Nike HQ in Beaverton. BTW, Nevada was an Adidas school when he was there.

BTW, Nike gets a little cute with the fabric too. Dook with the fabric that looks like the Gothic windows on campus, etc.

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Not to mention the monstrosities the Ducks sport in football.


I don’t really like anything about Nike anymore. I don’t like their running shoes (walking for me) at all. I have switched to Hoka after a recommendation from my knee doctor. It takes a few days to get used to them because of high arch support. But they feel great now. I think he likes them because of plantar fasciitis protection.

Hokas are the best. Talked my wife into trying them a year ago, and now she thinks she needs a different pair of Hokas for every day.

Hoka’s or On Cloud for me. I wear the Hoka’s for my morning 6-7 miles stumble, but wear the On Cloud’s the rest of the day.