Arkansas is almost a Coca-Cola school again

The UA announced today it plans to enter into a 10-year agreement with Coca-Cola beginning in July.


That made my day. Pine Bluff folk grew upon Coca Cola…… :smiley:

I’m a Dr pepper man LOL


Now if they only offered some JD at events then I would be all smiles as I could enjoy some JD’s and DC’s with lime!

It was always hell for me up there as I was an avid coke addict. I knew every place you could possibly find a coke on that campus to serve my needs. Now for the last 2 years, I’ve quit all sodas and only drink water so it figures they are going back to coke. :frowning:

I get the feeling that this is going to be a 10 year cycle. In 2032 we’ll switch back to Pepsi.

Same deal as the apparel contract, actually. Nike will be out and Adidas or UA will be in.

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yes! the curse is lifted! just in time to save our baseball season!



If you’re a southerner, it’s Coke.

I will often bypass restaurants who serve Pepsi. I’m a Diet Coke guy.


That is great news!

I am a regular Coke guy (that has its own issues, but I am addicted), if a place only has Pepsi, I either eat somewhere else or get a Dr. Pepper. I hate Pepsi.

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Not necessarily. Over here in NC Pepsi is very popular. I don’t know sales figures but I see more Pepsi delivery trucks on the streets than Coke.

Of course Pepsi was invented in North Carolina so that might have some effect.

I like Mountain Dew at times but I’ve always been frustrated when Coke products not available. I would be happier if it was a 25-year contract.


Does JD Notae already have a line of drinks? I wasn’t aware!

AD HY for Man of the Year!
UA…Campus of Champions

A wise choice indeed

I assume this is a university wide decision. I’d give the Interim Chancellor (Charles Robinson) some credit, too.

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HY had nothing to do with this, just as JL had nothing to do with the switch to Pepsi. This is a university-wide contract. But HY’s been taking the heat from the Cokeaholics.

The sugar free Coke is bueno

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Lots of great uses for coke products. Coke and (blank) works pretty good. Just fill in the blank. It could be ice cream or Maker’s Mark.


I gave up carbonated drinks and coffee for over 20 years. Basically drank water. Got off caffeine. After a stressful morning at work I had a cup of coffee. And I’ve not stopped. I limit it to typically 2 cups a day now. When Coke Zero came out my daughter told me I should try it. I’m a big fan of Coke Zero and Dr. Pepper Zero now.