Arkansas in SEC-only play

Don’t have the energy to give the details. Maybe later in the week. Here is the thumbnail summary. Crunching the SEC-only numbers, I get Arkansas has been right in the middle of the SEC in both overall offensive and defensive efficiency. That’s a big upgrade on O over what looked like was going to happen based on nonconference but a big downgrade on D.

On O Arkansas is generally right in the middle of most individual categories. The exceptions in strengths are getting to the line with frequency and being #1 in not turning the ball over. Biggest weaknesses are non-existent offensive rebounding and almost dead last in assists.

The D is a tale of extremes. Excellent at defending the trey and forcing TOs. Lousy at defending deuces, rebounding, and avoiding fouls. As I feared, the interior defense has not held up in conference. Mass is really a bigger issue than height. We are short, but not outlier short relative to much of the SEC. However, we are outlier light relative to the rest of the conference. For instance, when accounting for minutes played by each player, Arkansas is almost 10 pounds lighter per player on the floor than any other team in the SEC and as much as 25 pounds lighter.

Dead last in assists is not a surprise based on how Mason gets his points and he is the one scoring the most.

I am still trying to figure out what Muss’s offense is and it will probably take another year to see what he does with different talent.

But strictly viewing this team, it appears to be mostly ISO ball. There don’t appear to be a lot of set plays. Don’t see much of setting up screens for the shooter, PNR, etc.

Those who watched his Nevada teams play, please comment.

As far as rebounding stat, I had said before that Muss was not even using the size he had. Injury to Joe has forced him to use Chaney and Bailey together. As those two guys settle down in playing together, our rebounding numbers will get better. Yesterday was a good example. We won’t be out rebounded as before.

Good stuff. I’ve missed your analytics and commentary this year.

I second that comment. Very much appreciated Boar.

pj one thing that puzzled me in the MissState game was passing up open outside shots for attempts to get passes into and shots in the paint, which generally speaking hasn’t been a great outcome. I know we missed a lot of layups, but it appears we also turned it over trying to execute that strategy as well.

I get how Eric got there… early in the season he said we needed +10 3s per game. Now we lose Joe… and the rest beyond Jones aren’t great shooters (although I would argue he should let bailey shoot more 3s). We haven’t shot it well lately from outside so he thinks I’ve got to get more shots in the paint…but I’m not sure that is working.

I feel for the guy, he’s trying it all, and it’s making chaney a better player if nothing else. But, I think I would take open outside shots before attempting inside post shots. But that’s not why I’m not a coach.

Curious what the stats favor. More inside big man attempts or more outside shots?

MSU scored eficiently against us even though they only took 7 treys the whole game. We gave up 61% on deuces and 22 FTAs. At some point I think you have to collapse into the middle and make them prove they can make a bunch of treys on that particular day. Nonetheless, Muss will often have a tradeoff with major costs no matter what he does.

On O his biggest mistake in my opinion is misusing Jalen Harris. We wasted too much time trying to make Whitt the PG. He’s real valuable at scoring in the midrange. Harris is the one guy that gets assists in high volume without gushing TOs. Granted, he had a bad one against MSU. That said, Arkansas would probably have been good enough on O to contend at the top with a healthy Joe, and like last year this team needed one more scorer to be excellent on O.

It’s a good thing there will be a large roster turnover next season because this has been a wasted season as far as defining the roles of the players.

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