Arkansas improves standing with Tifase after visit

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When he sees Tallahassee (compared to NW AR) and feels the heat /humidity I believe he is going to be a Razorback!

Unless FSU blows him away, I expect him to be a Hog.


YES PLEASE!!! With his strength and size now……get him in our weight program and he could be playing at very solid 320lbs!!! He is only 17 now and already 305 on a 6’4 frame!!!

Well, Norvell blows but I don’t think they will sway the young man

I didn’t realize how young this guy was until I read your comments then the article, my mind is blown, this kid is already a beast at 17. Absolutely agree with you, get him into the program and watch him blow up.

Richard, the article hints the kid could be on a college campus for fall. Would that be a situation where he pays his way in the fall and we put him on scholarship in January?

He wasn’t a full qualifier out of high school, thus the reason he was going to go to prep school. It’s my understanding he will have to redshirt this fall.

He would go on scholarship when he enrolls this summer.

FWIW, he, Deke Adams and assistant DL coach Keith Jones ate at the Buttered Biscuit this morning before he left.

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