Arkansas, Illinois will lean on vets in NCAA Tournament

Wrote on Arkansas and Illinois leaning on their vets in this NCAA Tournament and the newness of the stage for many on both sides. Found some interesting stuff researching experience both overall and in the tournament:

Thanks Scottie. Question for you: if you have time can you give us some updated stats on Ricky shooting jump shots?

Jmetsrule had some good comments in another thread about him as of late. It seems like teams have figured out his game and he can’t beat anyone off the dribble anymore. If you just look at the FG % he’s had some decent games but I’m curious how many of the FG’s are dunks. Curious as to him shooting jump shots recently. He was great against Baylor and also shot well at Alabama but for the most part has struggled lately. I think that’s a huge issue for us going down the stretch. We’ve added NSJ but traded that for a lot of what Ricky was giving us earlier in the season.

Couple more stats. In our last 6 losses, appears he is 16 - 52 from the FG (31%) and again that includes several dunks. The Alabama game where we actually played quite well he was 5 - 9. So in the other 5 losses he’d be 11 - 43.

This site here is a good reference for jumpers, rim shots and threes and whether they’re assisted or self-created. It has info on all of Arkansas’ players, and if you go to the homepage you can click on any team in the NCAA:

Ricky, if my math is right, has 33 dunks this season and 144 made two-point field goals, so 111 non-dunk scores inside the arc.

Arkansas definitely needs Ricky to play well this week. I wrote about it early last week when he was named All-SEC by the coaches and AP. Eric Musselman said he needs to play well for the team to be at its best.

That’s a good site, thanks Scottie. Interestingly on 2 pt jumpers the perimeter guys are all essentially identical for the year.

Ricky 37%
Devo 33%
Anthony 37%
Jordan 36%
NSJ 36%

Doesn’t look like you can look by game to see any trends.

You might be able to if you have a subscription to the site, but I don’t know that for sure. I’m frustrated with myself for not cataloging shots for this team like I did last season.

From that site. The '21 team same #'s (2 pt jumpshots)
Tate 48%
Moody 39%
Devo 42% (9 points higher than his Jr year)

The '22 team had:
Umude 44%
Jaylin 41%
Notae was 35%, similar to this year’s bunch.

Eric has said all along that Ricky has a good mid-range game and IMO he is passing up too many of those and dribbling way too much trying to to the basket where he’s not getting them off and is missing free throws that he used to make regularly…

I just want him to take a shot as soon as it’s available and stop all that dribbling


This kind of stuff is why Nate Oats doesn’t let Murder U shoot jumpers inside the arc.

Watching the Mst and Pitt game- it is clear offensive fouls are being called out of proportion. Selling well acted flops seems like an adjustment I hope we can make on both offense (Pulling up more) and defense, stepping in to take the charge. I do not think this has been our strength and our guys seem to prefer to let there man get by them and try to block a shot. It has been a frustrating year with the other team scoring easily in the paint and I hope we can clog the paint and take charges like I know Illinois will take the page from our A&M game and cause us to actually make pull up jumpers. I sure miss Jwill on the inside.

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